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“Drop Project Brewery Haakon Kveik Pale Ale

Haakon is a full flavoured 4.8% Pale ale beer fermented with Norwegian Farmhouse Ale yeast. The High temperature Yeast provide plenty of fruity esters and tropical top notes. Generously Hopped and Dry Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and Mosaic the aroma is distinctly Fruity with Citrus and Orange peel prominent on the nose. All served up on an amber medium body, with subtle notes of Caramalt lending further to the beers balance and distinct quality within style.

Can was inspired by our yeast’s roots, home in the deep blue Fjords of Norway where the mountains hit the sea. Its then been lit up with the Aurora Boreali. Northern Lights to you.

The name was inspired by snowboard LEGEND Terje Håkonsen, and the move named after him. A pioneer to the game. BLESS

4.8% ABV

440ml can

Ⓥ Vegan”

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